Pakkoku is also known as Pakhan-Gyi. It is slightly upstream of Bagan, but on opposite bank of the river, about 42 km north. The old town of Pakkoku was a contemporary of Bagan. It has preserved monuments of time, in particular its ancient walls. The two old pagodas of Shwegu and Thiho-Shin are also centers for local arts and crafts and location of numerous festivals. Many old tombs on both sides of the walls can be seen. There is also a small local museum.

Here, one will discover the sites of Buddhist 13th and 14th centuries – post Bagan period. The Thihoshin Festival is held here in the lunar month of Nayon (May/June).

Nearby are the ruins of Pakhan-Gyi Kyaung, once the country’s largest wooden monastery with many of its original 332 teak pillars are still standing.