The administrative centre and main market hub for the Inle Lake region is Taunggyi, seat of the Shan Council of Chiefs during the British colonial period. The town was founded by Sir James George Scott, one of the most respected colonial officers in the history of British Burma. Taunggyi, for 350 km (220 miles) to Laos and the notorious “Golden Triangle” of the opium trade; nearly as far north to Burma road and the Chinese Border; and south a lesser distance to the tribal states of the Kayah and Kayin. In the city centre, close to a monument to Bogyoke Aung San, stands the Taunggyi Museum. It is small, but worth a look if you’re interested in the region’s hill tribes, with displays of 30 or so costumes from Shan minorities. One will be un-forgettable to see the flock of the tribal or ethnic people who come down the market to sell their luscious vegetables, fruits, and flowers at every five days market. Hot-Air Balloon Festival held every November in Taunggyi. It is commonly called the Taunggyi Tazaungdaing Festival. One can watch scores of giant grotto paper animals being inflated and floated off into the sky.